Our Evolution


Unimetal USA, Inc. has announced its acquisition of Larpen Metallurgical Service, setting a new standard in the carbon product sector. This strategic acquisition combines Unimetal's half-century of manufacturing prowess with Larpen's 62-year legacy of flexibility and customer service.


The Unimetal Group has taken over the commercial operations and the registered trademarks Desulco and X-Carb, using the Heat Treatment process of Superior Graphite. The transition of commercial operations in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia/Pacific and South America, reinforcing its commitment to ecologically correct processes, energy-efficient and with the latest generation thermal purification technology.


In 2022, through its logistics subsidiary Carbolog, Grupo Unimetal expanded its fleet of road trains, owning one of the largest and newest fleets for this type in Brazil. With more than 40 years of experience, Grupo Unimetal is currently recognized worldwide for the high quality of its products, as well as for its professionalism and service.


In 2021, Grupo Unimetal became a green coke distributor for Petrobras refineries in the Southeast region of the country. In the same year, Unimetal acquired the shares of Brasil Carbonos S.A. held by BR Distribuidora (currently Vibra Energy).


In 2019, Grupo Unimetal inaugurated its high purity synthetic graphite plant in São Vicente-SP, considered to be one of the world’s most pure and premium carbon material.


In 2015, Unimetal acquired Litoral Coque Ltda., a company in São Vicente-SP, to increase the Group’s production capacity and bring a logistical differential with the proximity to the port of Santos-SP.


In 2011, a new Joint Venture was signed with BR Distribuidora for the creation of Brasil Carbonos, with the construction of a plant in Taubaté-SP (inaugurated in 2013), with the same technology and production capacity as in Cosmópolis-SP.


In 2007, the Group inaugurated the Vespasiano-MG facility, with its own railway branch for imports and exports, to serve the Minas Gerais market.


From 2006 to 2008, Alcan Novelis and CBA were acquired by Grupo Unimetal and Petrobras, resulting in a 50/50 Joint Venture.


In 2004, Unimetal inaugurated the green petroleum coke processing unit in Cosmópolis-SP, with state-of-the art industrial automation and environmental control, standing out in its field of activity.


In 1984, Grupo Unimetal expanded its operations to Sorocaba-SP, to serve other industries that have the demand for carbon products, following the growth of the production of green petroleum coke in Brazil. Throughout the years, Unimetal developed its own technology for producing high purity synthetic graphite, as well as high density and oversize calcined cokes, which are used for several metallurgical, friction, refractories and glassware applications, among others.


Grupo Unimetal’s success story began in 1972, with the inauguration of Petrocoque S.A., a joint venture between the Unimetal Group and companies Petroquisa S.A. (currently Petrobras), Companhia Brasileira de Aluminio - CBA, and Alcan Novelis, to produce anode grade calcined coke for the aluminum industry.