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Green petroleum coke has several applications, especially in primary industries, and is part of industrial processes that result in products used in our daily lives.

Green coke is obtained from the cracking of residual fractions of the petroleum distillation process, is rich in carbon (80% to 95%), has a high energy factor, and is solid, black, and shiny.

Green petroleum coke can be used in several processes, in natura or after being industrialized, generating new products of high purity and high added value.

The petroleum refining process undergoes two stages: atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation. The fuel oil obtained from vacuum distillation originates the green petroleum coke, also known as petcoke.

The petcoke market is very diversified and requires technical knowledge mastered by Grupo Unimetal.

More than a supplier of raw materials, Grupo Unimetal is also responsible for the production of knowledge and technical support, which proves its commitment to supplying not only carbonaceous products but also providing quality market solutions.

Grupo Unimetal’s industrial processes are divided into three fields of operation: